Information for Marshals


Would Marshals please contact either:
Chief Marshal - Mark Kinsey
Deputy Chief Marshal - Jeremy Hancock

As always, the event cannot run without the help of volunteers such as yourselves and hence the organising committee are both thankful for your help in previous years and would be very grateful for your assistance in the safe running of the event. If you are able to attend we would be very grateful if you could contact us, stating the number of people attending and if you have radios, the callsigns you will be using.

Online rally marshals' training and accreditation

As an event, we would encourage ALL marshals' to undertake the Motorsport UK online training and accreditation scheme. This helps to ensure that everyone has a common understanding of their roles and responsibilities, the management of spectators and how to handle an incident. This should take less than an hour to complete. To undertake the online training, click here and either login if you are an existing Motorsport UK member, or register if you are new. Once logged in follow the links for "Online Training".

Unregistered marshals are still very welcome to join us, but will need to be placed with buddy who will be a Motorsport UK registered marshal.

Radio Operators

Would Radio Operators complete the online registration form here or else please contact:

Radio Co-ordinator - Roger Whitehouse

Want to become a motorsport marshal?

If you are involved in rallying, please take a moment to watch this short film with important first-on-scene guidance.

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